Why Content Marketing is the Safest Way to Attract Customers

05 Sep

If you’ve heard that you can write articles for money, you have heard right. There are endless ways that you can earn money from your own home today, but most are not as easy as others would have you think. Blogging, affiliate marketing, selling information products – these are all legitimate ways to make money, but none are as easy as writing articles and being paid good money to do it. When you can write your own articles, you have content marketing skills that you didn’t even realize. In a recent interview with onQsites a leading Charleston SEO firm, we were given some inside knowledge on content marketing opportunities.

Charleston SEODo you need experience or an education in writing? As long as you can put your thoughts in to sentences and form paragraphs, you can write articles for money. By money, we mean that content marketing can be used to grow your site, or you can job out your skills.

The internet is made up of content, so it only makes sense that someone writes all of the words you find online. The internet is growing rapidly; every day, new businesses come online. What does this mean for you? That the opportunities to write and earn money are out there, and expanding every day. This is one career where you will never have to worry about job security – the need for fresh new articles and other content is constantly growing.

Why do people need articles, web pages, blog posts and other content marketing? Search engines love websites that offer unique content on a frequent basis. Articles help website owners to get their sites ranked highly with the search engines, so that they will gain visitors. When you decide to write articles for money, you will find that there is never a shortage of work. In fact, quite the opposite is true; you may find that you get offered more work than you can handle.

How much can you get paid to write articles? There is no way to put a set amount on this. Generally, newer writers start out making a few cents per word, perhaps $8 or $10 for a 400 word article. As your confidence grows and your writing improves, you can expect to earn more money. An experienced writer can often command $20, $30, $50 and even more for a simple 500 word article.

This is one of the most consistent and reliable sources of income on the internet, and it makes no difference whether you just want to earn a little money with content marketing on the side or earn a full-time income.

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