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Why Content Marketing is the Safest Way to Attract Customers

05 Sep

If you’ve heard that you can write articles for money, you have heard right. There are endless ways that you can earn money from your own home today, but most are not as easy as others would have you think. Blogging, affiliate marketing, selling information products – these are all legitimate ways to make money, but none are as easy as writing articles and being paid good money to do it. When you can write your own articles, you have content marketing skills that you didn’t even realize. In a recent interview with onQsites a leading Charleston SEO firm, we were given some inside knowledge on content marketing opportunities.

Charleston SEODo you need experience or an education in writing? As long as you can put your thoughts in to sentences and form paragraphs, you can write articles for money. By money, we mean that content marketing can be used to grow your site, or you can job out your skills.

The internet is made up of content, so it only makes sense that someone writes all of the words you find online. The internet is growing rapidly; every day, new businesses come online. What does this mean for you? That the opportunities to write and earn money are out there, and expanding every day. This is one career where you will never have to worry about job security – the need for fresh new articles and other content is constantly growing.

Why do people need articles, web pages, blog posts and other content marketing? Search engines love websites that offer unique content on a frequent basis. Articles help website owners to get their sites ranked highly with the search engines, so that they will gain visitors. When you decide to write articles for money, you will find that there is never a shortage of work. In fact, quite the opposite is true; you may find that you get offered more work than you can handle.

How much can you get paid to write articles? There is no way to put a set amount on this. Generally, newer writers start out making a few cents per word, perhaps $8 or $10 for a 400 word article. As your confidence grows and your writing improves, you can expect to earn more money. An experienced writer can often command $20, $30, $50 and even more for a simple 500 word article.

This is one of the most consistent and reliable sources of income on the internet, and it makes no difference whether you just want to earn a little money with content marketing on the side or earn a full-time income.

Hiring Criminal Defense Attorney to Protect Your Future

01 Sep

Just because you have come to terms with the crimes that you committed and feel that you should pay that debt to society, doesn’t mean you should be paying more than you should. website says to take a look inside any criminal court today and you will see defendants charged with the same crimes getting completely different sentences because one had a skilled criminal defense attorney and the other tried to represent themselves.

Lawyer in Winston Salem NCHere are a couple reasons you need to have a professional criminal defense attorney in your corner when your day in court arrives.

One of the biggest reasons you want a professional criminal defense attorney fighting for you is because they will make certain your rights are upheld during the entire process. There is no way you could look at the evidence in the case like a criminal defense attorney and be able to identify things that could prove your side of the story. Your lawyer will build a solid case based on facts to get the best possible outcome.

When the case has been heard and the court is ready to rule, you want a criminal defense attorney on your side to be in the position to fight on your behalf to get you a lighter sentence. Your lawyer knows exactly what punishments fit certain crimes, and without their guidance you could be given a more harsh sentence than you deserve. Your attorney can even plea deal with the court to try and get the charges lessened or possibly dismissed.

Your criminal defense attorney has a team of professional working for him that will be delegated certain tasks when you only have so much time to present your case. These investigators will track down leads, witnesses, or evidence that could help to get you a more favorable outcome. Trying to collect all that information and then presenting it to the court in the right manner can be a daunting task. Your criminal defense attorney and his team will make sure everything is in order so that by the time the court date does arrive, you are going to be in the best position to win your case.

These are just a few of the benefits of working closely with a skilled local criminal defense attorney. Your financial future could depend on that ruling, so it is best to have a skilled professional who is representing you if you want the most favorable outcome.

For additional information on an experienced lawyer in Winston Salem NC.


Tips for Maintaining Your Home HVAC System on a Tight Budget

09 Aug

AC repair Myrtle BeachThere is no need for you to have a ton of money to maintain your HVAC system if you are taking the right steps to prevent serious trouble from occurring. If you simply ignoring maintaining the system, then when things go wrong they are are going to be especially costly especially ac repair Myrtle Beach.

The following tips for maintaining your heating and cooling system cost very little to nothing at all from

1. Don’t trust that your thermostat is giving you an accurate reading of the actual temperature inside the house. Using a different tool, get a reading for the house so you know if you can adjust the setting accordingly so that the HVAC system is not running around the clock to keep up a certain temperature.

2. Clear any debris from around and inside the outside air handler. If anything gets trapped in those fans, it will slow down their movement, causing the air handle to have to run harder and longer to try to get to the desired temperature.

3. Take your hand and feel the outer edges of the air handler when it is running. If you can feel treated air escaping from the housing, you need to use duct tape to patch the leaks. Each day that air is escaping from the unit means you are paying for your HVAC system to run to support temperatures.

4. Take the air filter or filters out of the heating and cooling system and inspect it. It should be clean and clear of any debris. If you can clean it, put it back in. If it is too dirty, replace it. You should be checking the system once a month and replacing no later than every three months. If you are not replacing the filters, then your HVAC system is trying harder to push all that treated air through, making it work unnecessarily.

5. Do a visual inspection of all the weather-stripping around windows and doors. If the weather-stripping is cracked or pieces are missing, treated air is escaping and untreated air is getting inside making your HVAC system to have to work longer to control the desired temperatures. Buying some new weather-stripping and seal up those locations. This is an inexpensive way to keep all that treated air inside your home.

There you have it, some affordable tips for maintaining your HVAC system so you are not putting added strain on the entire system and cutting short its expected life.


The Advantages to Working With the Construction Spec Loans Professionals

09 Aug

Construction Spec LoansUnderstanding the advantages to working with the construction spec loan professionals can really open your eyes as to why so many builders today are making the switch. The days of the application process dragging on for weeks and interrupting businesses are no more when you work closely with the construction spec loan professionals.  We sat down recently and discussed this with the guys over at and this is what they had to say:

The key to any working relation is transparency, this means up-front underwriting on permanent loans too. When the builder has confidence in the lender, things move along easily and the builder is in a better position to secure more properties as the client base grows.

Your construction spec loans professionals will be in the best position to offer the builder quick turn around times on interim closings, many times within 30 days of receiving the final contracts, the plans, and all the specs.

Right out of the gate, you can expect no retainage hold-back, easy builder approvals, and a flexible draw schedule when you are working closely with the construction spec loan professionals. These are the keys to the builder being in the position to grow the business rather than spending countless hours trying to get an approval for the monies needed to buy properties.

When the builder is in the position to secure more than one lot on a large property, the spec loan team can offer up a simultaneous close for lot with interim financing.

When there are no third-party underwriters involved to slow construction loan approval processes, everything moves along as it should. Now the builder can make arrangements with buyers and be in a better position to deliver on those promises rather than being at the mercy of a lender who is outsourcing each step of the process.

In-house financing is now available for the builder for interim and even permanent mortgage loans. This allows the builder the opportunity to keep all their business with one company instead of having to source out to others who may not be as efficient as the construction spec loan professionals.

One loan originator now means one relationship, in other words you have one servicer from interim to the permanent loans. This is especially important for the builder who is up-scaling the business and needs to make sales in a timely manner. One relationship not only eliminates any confusion, it helps to speed up the overall process too.

There you have it, plenty of advantages to working with the construction spec loan professionals when your building company depends on it.


Signs of a Successful Local Real Estate Agent

02 Nov

There are hundreds if not thousands of full and part time people in your city working as real estate agents. With so many to choose from, it can be a daunting challenge to interview or qualify the best candidates so you are sure you are working with the best possible agent. Charleston South Carolina real estate professionals at Premier One offers the following information will help you to better identify the traits and qualifications of the best this industry has to offer.

Charleston South Carolina Real EstateWalking the Walk – It is one thing for a local real estate agent to tell you in their printed material why they are the best, it is anther to see them in action. The internet today allows you an opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see how these realtors work in real-time. Simply log into your Facebook account and look for local groups that focus on rants and raves. Not only will you hear from locals who have had personal experiences with certain realtors, you will see how and when these realtors respond. When they work hard to fix issues without getting in online battles with clients, you can see their professionalism a mile away without even having to speak with them.

Listening to the People – With so many realtors working in such close quarters, it make sense that many people in the area will have come in contact them either directly or through a friend of a friend. Reach out to your coworkers, friends, and neighbors, and ask about their experiences with local realtors. Before you know it, you will have the ins and outs, the good and bad, about every realtor that has done business with these folks over the years. When you find a name that seems to keep popping up, it may be a good lead that you can further investigate online before reaching out to work with them.

Calling the Realty Office – Call your local real estate office and ask the receptionist who is the top realtor in the office, the one who earns the award for top seller or is consistently the biggest earner for the company. The busier this person is the better, that shows you they are not afraid of work, they take their profession serious, and they probably have a long line of referrals knocking down their door each day.

These three signs will put you in the best position to work with the top local real estate agent, regardless if you are in the market to buy or sell your home.

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