Tips for Maintaining Your Home HVAC System on a Tight Budget

09 Aug

AC repair Myrtle BeachThere is no need for you to have a ton of money to maintain your HVAC system if you are taking the right steps to prevent serious trouble from occurring. If you simply ignoring maintaining the system, then when things go wrong they are are going to be especially costly especially ac repair Myrtle Beach.

The following tips for maintaining your heating and cooling system cost very little to nothing at all from

1. Don’t trust that your thermostat is giving you an accurate reading of the actual temperature inside the house. Using a different tool, get a reading for the house so you know if you can adjust the setting accordingly so that the HVAC system is not running around the clock to keep up a certain temperature.

2. Clear any debris from around and inside the outside air handler. If anything gets trapped in those fans, it will slow down their movement, causing the air handle to have to run harder and longer to try to get to the desired temperature.

3. Take your hand and feel the outer edges of the air handler when it is running. If you can feel treated air escaping from the housing, you need to use duct tape to patch the leaks. Each day that air is escaping from the unit means you are paying for your HVAC system to run to support temperatures.

4. Take the air filter or filters out of the heating and cooling system and inspect it. It should be clean and clear of any debris. If you can clean it, put it back in. If it is too dirty, replace it. You should be checking the system once a month and replacing no later than every three months. If you are not replacing the filters, then your HVAC system is trying harder to push all that treated air through, making it work unnecessarily.

5. Do a visual inspection of all the weather-stripping around windows and doors. If the weather-stripping is cracked or pieces are missing, treated air is escaping and untreated air is getting inside making your HVAC system to have to work longer to control the desired temperatures. Buying some new weather-stripping and seal up those locations. This is an inexpensive way to keep all that treated air inside your home.

There you have it, some affordable tips for maintaining your HVAC system so you are not putting added strain on the entire system and cutting short its expected life.


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